7 Waltham Chess Club

Schedule: Spring 2023

Masters play for free

To qualify, a Master must show a current rating of 2200 or more in the latest USCF Ratings Supplement, or must possess a Life Master title, for which he/she must provide satisfactory proof at time of entry.

All tournaments, except Unrated ones, require current USCF Memberships of all participants at the time of play.

Maximum of ONE half-point bye granted in any non-Blitz event, or TWO half-point byes in ONE Round in a Rated Blitz, except where noted on the Schedule. No half-point bye is granted unless the player receiving it plays in a later Round than the one in which he receives the bye - therefore NEVER the last Round.

June 2023

Thursday, June 8: Event #1: 3|2 WALTHAM ONLINE #106 (Arena). https://www.chess.com/play/arena/2723290. 3|2 Live Chess 1-hour Arena. Registration 6:55-7:55 p.m. First game at 7:55 p.m. (FIXED). EF FREE, no cash prizes. Players may play as many or as few games as they wish within the 1-hour play time. Games in progress at the end of the hour will be cut off with no score. Points are gained by wins and draws, with bonus points awarded for streaks. Players must join our chess.com site Waltham Chess Club to be eligible to play. No half-point byes, no reentry after withdrawal.

Thursday, June 8: Event #2:: 10|3 FIRST THURSDAY #101 (Swiss). https://www.chess.com/play/tournament/4059526. Five-Round, 10|3, USCF-RATED Swiss (only Online Ratings will be affected). Registration 6:00-7:00 p.m. First game at 7:00 p.m. (FIXED). EF FREE, no cash prizes. Players must join our chess.com site Waltham Chess Club - USCF Rated to be eligible to play. No half-point byes, no reentry after withdrawal.

Zoom Meeting REQUIRED (for ONLY the Rated tournament): https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81727541527?pwd=N2pZUksvbVo4SDBiRUQrTms0eFJJZz09

Meeting ID: 817 2754 1527 Passcode: 867753

Any player who wants to join a USCF-Rated Club or play in a USCF-Rated online tournament on chess.com needs to fill out this form one time: https://www.chess.com/news/view/uscf-member-authentication-9266. Once you have done so, please join the US Chess Members Only Club here: https://www.chess.com/club/uschess-members-only. After that you will be eligible to play in any USCF-Rated online tournament provided that you maintain a USCF Membership in good standing.

Event #3. Every Thursday, starting early summer: Waltham CC 12th ONLINE INVITATIONAL - Round 1. Offered to Waltham CC players by Invitation only.

Starting early summer and running for 5 weeks into mid-summer, I offer Waltham Chess Club players the opportunity to play in Waltham CC's 12th ONLINE INVITATIONAL. One Round per Thursday per player will be scheduled at 6:30 PM, 7:30 PM, or 8:30 PM ET (players' choice) each of the five Thursdays. Players paired with each other will set up a challenge on Live Chess and play individually. Zoom will be REQUIRED for players on Thursday nights (but see below).

Here are the details:

1. The tournament will run for five weeks on chess.com each Thursday at 6:30 PM, 7:30 PM, or 8:30 PM ET (players' choice) provided we have enough players who remain in for the duration (if not, we will trim back the number of Rounds). However, if two players need to reschedule a game, PROVIDED that they notify me in advance of Thursday, they may choose a time of their own agreement. If they choose a time when I am unavailable to supervise, they are advised to set up a Zoom Meeting or Google Meet themselves; if this is not feasible, they will have to trust each other to observe Fair Play.

2. Players paired together agree for one player to challenge the other. Both players are responsible for reporting the results to me accurately and promptly.

3. Zoom is REQUIRED for all players playing on Thursday night. On Zoom either Screen-Share of a player's ENTIRE desktop window is required, or else the player must show their play area in their video with their game in progress in full view of the TD. All other monitors and electronic devices must be turned off, and all principles of Fair Play must be observed.

Join Zoom Meeting https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81727541527?pwd=N2pZUksvbVo4SDBiRUQrTms0eFJJZz09

Meeting ID: 817 2754 1527 Passcode: 867753

4. The time control is 45|5. Swiss pairings will be used with eight or more confirmed players.

5. To be eligible to play, you must be a Member of Waltham Chess Club - USCF-Rated, must have a current Membership with USCF extending at least through October 2021, and must be authenticated with chess.com as a USCF player.

6. If we have an odd number of players, I'll offer to play the bye player. This is recommended but not required.

7. The entry fee is $25. Entry fees may be sent to me by VenMo, Zelle, or PayPal. I will send details individually. If a player cannot pay electronically, they may send me a check in the mail. Entry fees will be refunded if the event is canceled due to insufficient attendance or any other reason.

8. The tournament is USCF-Rated. All games will be reviewed for Fair Play by chess.com before being Rated by normal procedure. Players may also report to me REASONABLE suspicion of a Fair Play violation if they have cogent evidence; frivolous or defamatory claims may result in penalties. If a Fair Play violation is confirmed after the tournament is over, the offending player will forfeit any prize money due them. If the player commits the violation while the tournament is in progress, he will be ejected from the tournament. All claims MUST be shared with only me as Tournament Director PRIVATELY and must NOT be disclosed to any of the other players in the tournament unless I deem it necessary for extraordinary reasons.

9. If one player appears online but the other does not, reasonable attempts will be made to contact the missing player and play the game normally. If a player arrives more than 30 minutes late, the TD will deduct time off the clock in excess of the first 30 minutes. If a player fails to show altogether without having notified the TD or their opponent of an expected absence or late arrival, the game will be forfeit by that player. (Note: if the missed player makes reasonable efforts after the missed night to make up the game with his opponent, the TD reserves the right to annul a forfeit. Otherwise, the player will be liable to a $25 fine to reenter the tournament if he/she forfeits a game without reasonable explanation.) If both players fail to show without advance notification, both will forfeit unless both approach me and can show extenuating circumstances.

10. If a player's chess.com account is disabled for any reason, and they cannot play one or more Rounds at the specified time of 6:30 PM, 7:30 PM, or 8:30 PM on Thursday, they forfeit automatically. NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

11. By default, "mouseslip" moves and false resignations are treated as completed moves by USCF and and MAY NOT be taken back. The losing player is simply out of luck. If, however, two players agree to approach the TD about taking a move back or replaying a game, the TD reserves the right to waive this rule if there are extenuating circumstances. In all events, the TD renders the final decision.

12. Earbuds or other devices worn in the ears that may serve as communicators are expressly forbidden. Penalties may be assessed for repeat violations.

13. First prize is $100 and second prize is $50 based on eight players. If we get more players, I may change the prize amounts or setup, and I may also divide players into multiple Sections.

14. If we have a very large number of participants, I may postpone the free Rated events on Thursday nights until after the Invitational is concluded.

Contact Information

WCC Member Coordinator

Todd Chase

(781) 790-1033


WC Webmaster

Vitaliy Ryabinin